Active Learning Module 8 – Admission/Application Essay Example

due Terrorism and collective fear rationality Terrorism is one of the major threats to the government and natives of United States. Terrorism refers to an act, not necessarily violent, of instilling an extreme fear to a certain group of people and Americans have taken this meaning literally. The collective fear to terror attacks that the natives of America have acquired might have been a cause of motivation to more terror attacks.
Notably there has been a fight by the NSA and FBI among other security agencies that has not only minimized the number of terror attacks but also the magnitude of damage they cause . As a matter of fact, terrorism is more trivial than normal crimes and other incidents that cause a great damage to America (Krishnabhakdi-Vasilakis 2008). For instance, a spring party that turned violent in California 6th this month caused injured several police officers and other civilians. The response to this was an arrest and people continue holding more parties. Note worthy a small incidence such some few grenades realized in a shopping mall would significantly reduce shopping mall attendance. Note that, terrorist aim isn’t to cause damage as they are aware any attack to the US would result to a war against them hence weakening their status quo.
The 9/11 attack and 1998 bombing of US embassies in east Africa were the most evident destructive terror attacks recorded in America. What followed was a more technologically thought attack; Amerithrax, which although not very destructive left Americans worried on the terrorist next move. The implication is that, although terrorist’s attacks are probable in the near and distant future, their physical impact is reducing as mental damage expands. Therefore, if Americans were to take an example of Israel and perceive terrorist as normal criminals who have no impact on their political systems, then terrorist would be fighting a losing battle.
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