About The Ethical Considerations Of International Students Transferring College Credits – Admission/Application Essay Example

Ethical considerations of international transferring college credits Ethical considerations refer to the ethical principles that are implemented in regard to the question in hand that are the ethical issues that are considered when international are transferring credit to another college or school. International students ought to be treated ethically as they bring diversity to the school culture and behavior. Some of the ethical considerations implied are to uphold the values and the morals of the international students so as to enhance the harmonization of the students into a homogenous learning society with diverse cultures, beliefs and behavior. Ethics is codes of practice to enhance professionalism and to serve the clients better.
For students to be accepted in a foreign college or institution of higher learning, they must show their transcripts from their previous schools with a GPA of 4 or above. They also have to show fairs in other co curricular activities and discipline. They should also be accompanied by letters from the dean of student in their previous school.
The students must also show high integrity and respect to the county they are going to be studying in. Have respect for the country constitution, policies and they way of life of the people and religion. It will make the life of the student in the foreign country easy as they show respect to others (Mizzoni 12).
The international students should be fairly treated with respect and no discrimination as this will help them to feel at ease. It in return will lead to better performance in the classroom as well as in co curricular activities.
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